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1) Opportunity to publicize your organization at our two upcoming events and donate to the effort
2) CUAMI's Upcoming Events - Know Your Rights Train the Trainer, Cooking Up Justice In The Points, Behind the Badge, and Orientation Meeting, including volunteer opportunities!
3) Update on CUAMI work: finished with mission, vision, etc.; new meeting times; and a new org flyer!
4) Our Partners' Upcoming Events

1) Publicize your organization at these upcoming events... And help us build them!

This is specifically for those of you who are staffers and/or members of our partner organizations. There will be two events - "Cooking Up Justice in the Points" (July 5th) and "Behind the Badge" (July 18th; see item 2 of this email for more info on both events) - at which we're inviting all our partners to:

   a) Table (bring your own table, but feel free to collect donations, membership forms, distribute literature, etc.)
   b) Pitch your organization to attendees over the microphone (each org will get 3-5 minutes at the microphone)
   c) Donate! Specifically for Cooking Up Justice In The Points, we need money to pay for the "cooking" part! 
   d) Publicize these events to your members, donors, etc. Let's get the whole state out for these events! (Find blurbs in item 2)

Please email by July 1st to let us know whether someone from your organization will be able to table at one or both of these events so that we can make sure to get you onto the programs! As always, it's totally free! Donations and pledges can be made at any time, the sooner the better.

2) CUAMI's Upcoming Events (in chronological order...)

Know Your Rights Train the Trainer: Tuesday, June 24th at 6pm at 1029 Santa Fe Drive in Denver
This KYR train the trainer is specifically to help us prepare for "Cooking Up Justice  In the Points," which will be a big KYR training (that we hope will feel more like a festival). If we have a lot of attendees at Cooking Up Justice, we'll be breaking up the crowd into smaller trainings to occur simultaneously, so we'll need folks who are able to facilitate the training! Attendance is encouraged even if you can't make it to the Cooking Up Justice. Please RSVP to so we can send you the materials in advance.

Cooking Up Justice In the Points: Saturday, July 5th 1:30pm-6ish at Curtis Park in Denver
Come enjoy free food, theatrical performances, spoken word, and music while you find out what to do if you get stopped by a police officer. Join us for a community training on your rights and how you can protect yourself when dealing with law enforcement, and connect with the local organizations working to end mass incarceration. Facebook event here. Flyer attached.
Volunteer Opportunities: Email if you can do any of the following...
- Bring your grills and/or help us cook
- Donate $$ or food
- Help canvas the Five Points neighborhood to let folks know about the training

Orientation Meeting Saturday, July 12th at 3pm, 1029 Santa Fe Drive in Denver
It's been a long time since many of you have been able to make it to a CUAMI meeting, and we expect to meet lots of new folks at Cooking Up Justice! Especially since we finally finished drafting the mission statement, vision statement, etc... we want to re-invite all our partners back to get engaged in the real work of ending mass incarceration! This orientation meeting will be to introduce new folks to the organization and re-engage those of you we've missed, to get everyone up-to-date on the status of current campaigns and how to get involved. Join us! We've missed you!

Behind the Badge Friday, July 18th at 6:30pm at RedLine, 2350 Arapahoe St. in Denver
What does it mean to be a compassionate, dedicated, humane police officer in the country with the world's highest incarceration rate and a continuing tradition of racial injustice? This event at RedLine will use creative performances to springboard a community discussion about over-policing, mass incarceration, and how to organize and protect our communities against these systems, facilitated by members of CUAMI. Insurgent Theatre will perform Behind the Badge, a theatrical examination of police and prison in America, that they have been touring around the US starting in August of last year. Jeffrey Dante Campbell, the creator of last year's Who Killed Jigaboo Jones? will also perform spoken word. 
More about Jeffrey Campbell:
More about Insurgent:
Facebook event here. Flyer attached.
Volunteer Opportunities: We need folks to help staff this event! Email to volunteer.

3) Update on CUAMI Work

We finally finished writing our mission statement, vision statement, anti-oppression policy, structure, and consensus scheme! The final versions are attached. Now we can get on with the real work!

Speaking of real work, CUAMI, along with our partners at Together Colorado, Colorado Jobs With Justice, and the Justice Action Ministry, will be pursuing a "Ban the Box" campaign to convince employers and housing providers to remove the box on applications that says 'Check here if you have a criminal history/felony/etc.' We'll be creating a pledge for employers and housing providers to sign onto as well as funneling them directly to the reentry programs to help meet the immediate needs of reentering community members. To help kickstart this campaign, come to our first organizing meeting this Monday, June 16th at 5:30pm at the offices of Together Colorado (1980 Dahlia St. in Denver).

Lastly, the results are in from our survey for meeting times. From now on, we will be meeting once a month on Saturday afternoons (the next will be the orientation meeting on Saturday, July 12th at 3pm, location TBA).

4) Our Partners' Upcoming Events

Colorado Climate March Celebration Monday, June 16th at 4:30pm, West Steps of the Capitol Building
Join us at the West Steps of the Capitol Building to rally and learn from local leaders making Colorado a more sustainable place, before we take a procession to the EPA building! Enjoy music by DJ Cavem and presentations by Jonny 5 from the Flobots; Ed Fallon, Climate March Founder and Director; Isaac Rivera, 350 Colorado; Karen Dike, Rocky Mountain Chapter of Sierra Club, and more TBA! Facebook event here.

Workers Rights Board Hearing Wednesday, June 18th at 5:30pm at St. Cajetan's Cathedral on Auraria Campus
When the more than ninety SuperShuttle drivers who work long hours transporting both Coloradans and visitors to and from the Denver airport were facing disrespect, unfair working conditions, and terrible management, they knew they needed a union. Since coming together in late 2009, they've won a groundbreaking National Labor Relations Board ruling giving them the right to organize, voted overwhelmingly to join CWA Local 7777, and stayed strong through two and a half years of negotiations punctuated by rallies and actions despite employer intimidation and retaliation. But America's labor law is so broken that SuperShuttle was able to impose a horrible contract with a 30% pay cut despite the drivers having voted it down! The drivers have filed a legal complaint with the NLRB, but by the time the decision is made, many of them will have been starved out of their jobs -- many are already applying for food stamps because of the pay cut. We have to stand up for these workers now!

When working people's rights to organize and bargain collectively are under attack, Colorado Jobs With Justice has the Workers' Rights Board. Comprised of community and faith leaders, the Workers' Rights Board bring a voice of moral authority and community pressure to workers' struggles. They will be holding a hearing to take testimony from SuperShuttle drivers and issue a report with their findings and recommendations. The company has made clear that they intend to continue to trample all over their workers' rights if no one speaks up. Only truly community-wide pressure can stop them. Can you join us next Wednesday at the hearing to show SuperShuttle that they can't ignore workers any longer? Facebook event here.

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