Friday, January 17, 2014

Mass Incarceration MLK Follow-Up Meeting

Join us for a followup meeting to begin to workshop the ideas we generated at "Unmasking Mass Incarceration," to put our ideas into action!

Saturday, February 15th, 2014
At the offices of the Colorado Progressive Coalition and Colorado Jobs With Justice,
at 1029 Santa Fe Drive in Denver

See you there!


1) Private Prisons
- Campaign finance reform
- Prohibition of trading prisoners from state to state
- Change zero tolerance policies to stop arresting youth disproportionately and to end the school to prison pipeline
-Implementing restorative justice model
- Decriminalizing poverty and homelessness
- Decolonizing the curriculum (let's hear about heroes that aren't just old white guys)
- Smash capitalism!
- Drug policy reforms
- Conscientiously decriminalize
- No more three strikes
- Hold law enforcement accountable
- show how keeping so many private prisons open in a recession is economically STUPID
- Safer spaces for youth to speak
Community re-entry focus
- Reach law enforcement (education)
- Re-educate general populations
- Return on investment illustration
- Better representation of marginalized in politics
- Visibility and accessibility for homeless

2) Restorative Justice
- Address real harm
- Keep youth in the communities, empowering youth as leaders

3) Police Accountability and Racial Justice
- Talking about privilege!!!! And power!! Talk to friends and family members who aren't as aware
- Raise awareness
- Get people in the activist energy
- Share personal narratives
- Address root causes of mass incarceration and inform folks what that is and about peoples' rights
- Communication - intercultural competence/communication should be taught more broadly
- Strengthen bonds between different communities
- Get police to stop profiling!!!!!

4) Immigration
- Document police stops/encounter, and train people on how to monitor police
- Understanding connection between local law enforcement and ICE and federal quota systems (law enforcement in CO do not have to cooperate with immigration officials!)
- Know the roles of politicians in the prison debacle
- Cop watch - more of this!!!
- Document police stops and police encounters and continue to pressure those agencies not to collaborate with ICE
- Mobilizing community support (as alternatives support networks to decrease reliance on police - self-organized community security)
- Know your rights trainings
- Building community support and support from schools for children affected by deported family members
- Decrease reliance on police
- Get rid of criminalizing language in laws
- Use alternative community approaches to domestic violence cases
- Stop arrests for synthetic marijuana
- Enhancing/building/implementing community support for families

5) Death Penalty
- Decrease disproportionality in races of prosecutors
- Producing and teaching pride in identities
- Don't operate in isolation - reach out to your allies
- Education
- Mental health treatment and conflict resolution
- Change in the media in how our communities are portrayed

6) Mental health
-Hold systems accountable
- Cultural competence training
- Mental health assessments for all
- Hold schools accountable
- Training officers in mental health issues
- Hold media accountable
- Having measures that quantify progress and change
- Create a triad system

7) Drug Policy
- Change way we address it as a public health issue instead of criminalizing
- Reallocating resources towards rehabilitation
- Work to address violence of black market, and find alternatives to that
- Work on changing public education towards a more reality based view of drugs, rather than scare tactics
- Working on alternative treatment programs

8) School to Prison Pipeline
- Document/expose stories - increasing transparency and accountability for schools
- Having advocates in schools to support students who are getting into trouble = in-school resources, like counseling, treatment, therapeutic approach (support, rather than punitive)
- More counseling, treatment, etc
- Restorative Justice programs - repair the harm
- Work with local schools to implement effective school discipline policies specific to that school's population and needs
- Know Your rights training for students and parents, and teach about school to prison pipeline
   - School interior environment/climate
   - Change menus at schools for healthier options to eat
- Extra-curricular groups and involvement opportunities, community building, leadership programs, etc
- Fund schools more equally - create an environment with common goals, rather than competitive environment
- Community building
- Mindfulness based stress reduction
- Decriminalize poverty/homelessness

9) Other ideas
- For outreach, create a flyer with one or two (of the really shocking) statistics on mass incarceration, and then "join us," with the coalition's info
- local one or two day educational conference for all to attend - we'd learn more about mass incarceration, do some know your rights trainings, and do some organizer trainings so attendees can start to then take that information back out into their communities and build the movement even more!

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